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Vesey Ventures is a VC firm founded on the belief that the future of the financial industry will be built by startups and incumbents working in tandem -- and we're the catalysts for making it happen.

Welcome to Vesey Ventures, the first business development VC in fintech.

We only invest in companies we can fully get behind and support.
A bespoke plan comes with every term sheet.
Our strategic LP & advisory network is purpose-built to answer any question in fintech.

What Our Founders Say

Coast logo

“Partnering with Vesey Ventures has been jet fuel for Coast. The team immediately showed a deep understanding of my business and identified the tactics they could deploy to move the needle for us. They put it on paper right away, and they’ve delivered.”

Daniel Simon
Founder & CEO

“Business development in the financial industry is not just a nice to have, it’s a need to have, and Vesey Ventures are the type of insightful, strategic partners you want at the table. They are relentless when it comes to business development and never gave up on helping Trulioo acquire our first major banking customer.”

Stephen Ufford
Grain logo

“Vesey Ventures’ decades of fintech experience really shines through. Their prescience in anticipating and unblocking obstacles for us has really set them apart. Having a partner in Israel -- but a firm so rooted in the US financial ecosystem -- gives us unparalleled local partnership with global access.”

Dor Golan